Building Code Violations

Have you been issued a code violation from the Florida Building Department?

Building code violations can present difficult challenges for homeowners throughout South Florida. At Florida Building Plans our team of architects and engineers can help you get your building code violations overturned. We’ve helped 1000’s of homeowners in South Florida through the reapproval process and we look forward to helping you.

Florida Building Plans can help walk you through the reapproval process.

Our plans meet all Florida building codes. We can customize them to your city codes if required.

Building code violations are very common. Fortunately, there are proven techniques and steps that you can take to resolve any issue and avoid fines. Our team of architects, engineers & general contracting experts can help you solve and code violations that have been issued.

1. Prevent Fines

Our first step is to stop the fines. Typically, when we prepare an action plan and present the plan to the Building Department, we can prevent any fines.

2. Obtain Permits

Our team will work with you to understand the project background and help you apply for an obtain the appropriate permits needed.

3. Fix Violations

Once we have the appropriate permits, we will begin to make any changes needed in order to pass the final inspections. This includes architectural drawings & construction changes.

4. Complete Inspections

After completing any necessary work, we will help you through the inspection process. After your project is approved, you are free to enjoy your home!

We can help with:

The Florida Building Department typically provides 6 months to complete any construction project. If the proper inspections are not completed, your permit may expire. Expired permits are commonly referred to as “open permits”. Open permits often become an issue when one is trying to sell their home. Our team can help you file for a “completion permit” and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to properly fix the issues that can prevent a sale of your home.

Window permits are required when replacing or retrofitting windows in your home. With the threat of hurricanes in Florida, the Florida code is very strict when it comes to window replacement. Wind load calculations are required to prove that the windows are up to code.

When replacing an AC unit, it is likely that your city code requires an A/C Change Out Permit. This is required to make sure your unit complies with electrical and mechanical requirements, as well as energy conservation standards. We can help you avoid or address any Building Code Violation issued based on A/C change out regulations.

Any addition to your home requires a Florida Building Permit. If you have started a project without a permit, we can provide the required drawings to show that your unpermitted work is legal and we can help you make any construction updates to ensure that your home meets Florida Building Codes.

If your project is complete, but you did not have the appropriate permits, it is not too late! Florida Building Plans can help you file for an “As-Built Certificate”. Our team will provide drawings for your project to prove that your building is structurally sound. We will walk you through the process to avoid fines and show the city that your project is up to code.

If you have been issued a citation for unsafe work, our team can assess the building and help bring the project up to code. Our team will help you update your project and prove the appropriate changes have been made in order to avoid further fines and violations.

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