Designing your dream home. Should you hire online services?

Digitalization has been called the fourth industrial revolution. Technology, computers, and software have infiltrated almost every human task and architecture has not escaped. Although residential construction may appear to have remained conservative in its overall processesprofessional design has been greatly impacted by digitalization.  The benefits of purchasing online design services can be presumed to rest on one premise: saving time and money. 

Nowadays we have new software for design, customer service, and many other things that allow for reliable, dynamic, and effective experiences that impact time and cost positively.  Imagine having an entire team of architects and engineers within reach of your hand. Literally, on your electronic device. 

Are you considering hiring an online architectural service?  

Here are the top advantages of online design services. 


  1. Innovative software 

First off is software. Design processes have evolved from manual measurements and handmade drawings to computer-aided designs in the last half-century and today highly sophisticated software allows us to truly experience the architecture before it is even built. Currently, architects can use a variety of software to complete the entire design process and assist them in the construction process. With Revit from Autodesk, you can get a 3D model of your house right from the first draft. 2D drawings are out of date and are being left behind because it’s difficult to imagine how spaces will look in 2D. 

The software we use can give you a realistic image of your design in real-time. 

Just how realistic?  

As realistic as you want. You can control and preview as much detail as you wish in the interior spaces as well as exterior views. It’s all up to your needs and desires. 


You can even get 360° views or walk through the entire floor plan, and with the aid of VR goggles, you can even feel like you’re REALLY there.  

Computer-aided design allows you, the client, as the ultimate userto collaborate all through the design process. While sharing screens, you can review the entire design and perform changes in real-time hand in hand with a professional architect who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you. 


  1. Cost-benefit. 

Online design aims to have everything related to the design of your house available online. For instance, meetings with architects can be held on your computertablet, and even your phone, from your house, office, or just about any place with an internet connection. 

While physical meetings with professional architects may be priced by an hourly allowance fee with our online services you have rounds of revisions that control and mark off different stages of the project. Also, before signing with us you will have a fixed price for our services and a complete scope of the work for this price. This translates into upfront savings since you already have a flat price for your plans. This allows you to budget your overall construction costs too. 

Online architectural services are not limited to interacting with your design professional through a screen, you also get access to a project management platform designed especially for you. This platform features all your project’s informationyour architect’s files and yours, financial information, and a project schedule. All integrated and user-friendly while you keep track of documents, payments, and deadlines.  



  1. Time 

With online services, you will find that your architect is more available for you than ever before. Your architect is an email, a text message or a phone call away. As information can be shared so rapidly, so is communication. You may find that communication with your architect is more effective than when you used to schedule a site visit or meet at their office. This fluent communication between both parties ultimately leads to reducing the time frame of the project. 


Time is more flexible with online services because you don’t have just one freelance architectyou have an experienced, dedicated team of architects, engineers, and builders available to youThese professionals have over 30 years of experience in residential design and problem-solving. It’s the same as shopping online without leaving your house. You can design your dream house online with a professional team of architects and engineers having your back. 

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