Exterior Renovation

For several years various architectural projects aimed to design buildings that could host and nourish a communitarian lifestyle. They are now in crisis due to the global call to stay at home.  

Our housing has now become the place to develop daily activities that give balance to our life, many of them located, some weeks ago, on those commonly used buildings and spaces such as gymnasiums, offices, theaters, restaurants, and bars.

Facing this new pandemic reality, there’s a strong awareness of the necessity of formulating new flexible typologies that mitigate the overcrowding sensation and make viable optimal conditions for productive and recreational activities in our home.  

Few moments in contemporary history have achieved much to make us notice, in such a radical way, the meaning of inhabiting a home. Everything has to occur in our place, in permanent proximity with whomever we live. It has never been so appropriate to reevaluate the deficiency or limitations of our personal space. Are our homes suitable for spending long periods of time in them? What if another lockdown is part of our lives? It is time to re-think what proper housing looks like, and how much it contributes to attaining a great quality of life.   

People are truly recognizing the value of their home and it’s never been more apparent than now as to how much our outdoor spaces matter. Areas like backyards, gardens, terraces, patios, decks, and gazebos are going to play a much larger role than normal in peoples’ lives. Even if the restrictions ease up, they are key to maintaining a sense of community by providing adequate space for small gatherings with your closest ones, while maintaining your safety.  

Also, there is a tremendous amount of research on the physical and emotional health benefits of being out in nature, simply being outside helps relieve stress,
and that’s something we can all use right now.

So, as time spent outdoors is more valuable than ever before, you should be making full use of these spaces. That means that now is the time to renew or upgrade your great outdoors with a design that is not only durable but visually pleasing too.
Ideas for your outdoors 

Any outdoor space can easily be transformed into a backyard entertainment center, complete with amenities, that can reflect your own style. Designed especially for you and customized for your home, a remodeled patio can be as versatile as you can imagine.
Here are some ideas for your own amazing outdoor resort: 

Patio Extensions 

Patio extensions provide a very flexible space for multiple activities. From exercising to a playground for kids. It’s a matter of choosing the right outdoor furniture. Providing seating options in your outdoor space is crucial for entertainment.


Free-standing pergolas or attached pergolas are the perfect match for a back patio, the style can combine with that of your home. Pergolas help create an ideal outdoor gathering space, or even a space to retreat after a long day inside.

Outdoor Kitchens

Are the perfect way to extend indoor living to the outdoors. They are fully functional with an abundance of customization options (the layout, the cabinetry, and appliances you’d like to include) not to mention that they also increase the value of your home.  

Gazebos and Pool Renovations

A gazebo is designed to serve as a relaxing space for you to enjoy your own beautiful backyard.  
They can be fully customized, however big you want it, what shape suits you best, the detailing such as railing, roofing, and flooring, and the electrical package to provide an entertainment-ready structure.
Gazebos can be installed on wood or concrete, making it possible to place the structure on decks or existing foundations.

Replacing the decking is a great strategy to provide a new face to your backyard and gives you the opportunity to expand the dimensions and the area it covers to provide greater versatility. You can even consider an enclosure, where you can sit by the pool keeping the mosquitos at a distance.

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