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New social dynamics, social distancing, and confinement have made us view our home spaces quite differently and recognize the need for rethinking many spaces to give room for new substantial needs. This can be done by reconfiguring your existing living area or even expanding your home to create new spaces. Here is a special delivery on the top interior renovations you can plan for your home given the new requirements of social living. 

Your indoor gym 

If fitness has been a top priority in your life, or not; you might be thinking you didn’t go to the gym enough. And now, you can’t go. Here are some inspirational ideas to make room for that indoor gym to stay healthy and active during confinement and social isolation.  

You can either transform that dead space or renovate certain walls or ceilings to accommodate  

Not just for you but also for the little ones

Get the best of your ceiling with these monkey bars 

Your home office 

A home office is now a reality for thousands of Americans who are lucky to be able to work remotely. However, working from home requires a space devoted to work that is physically recognizable, and that gives a sense of privacy and seriousness to get the best of your abilities on your work. Along with proper furniture, chair, and mouse pad, we will help you design a practical and comfortable space fitted to your own specific work needs. 

Designs can range from big room conversions to small remaining spaces that can be turned into professional work/study hubs. 

You can create your own working island if your line of work allows you to use a home office 

Your new garage

With the current events, you may prioritize living space over space for your car, especially when you have reduced your driving hours to a couple a week. Converting your garage into an effective living space is a great alternative when you have covered as much area as you can on your lot or when you have a reduced budget. 

You can also convert your garage to a very comfortable guest bedroom or replace an old bedroom with an office, study, or indoor playroom for the kids or, why not, a one-for-all entertainment room. 

Interior garden

If your interest gravitates towards plants and gardening and you wish you had more connection with nature but you don´t own any exterior private spaces, you may consider redesigning suitable surfaces as interior gardens.  

Kids study and bedroom 

This new reality of social distancing and confinement has greatly impacted the newest generations. It is vital that we provide the young with proper spaces to learn and grow while being inside, making the most of the time betweelearning lessons and leisure. Here are some ideas of how you can reconfigure kids’ rooms to integrate sleeping and studying necessities. 


New customized home design 

We are convinced this new reality will reshape the way we think about our home and the spatial priorities in it. Office and study spaces will be essential in the new design. Also, outdoor social spaces that keep the main house structure safe from the outside world such acabanas, summer kitchens, and outdoor gyms will allow for safe social life. New spaces for sanitizing when first coming through the home and garage will now be considered innovative and pertinent after this worldchanging experience. 

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