What Are Online House Plans?

It’s time to build your new dream home and you may be exploring all the options on the market. While there is always the traditional route, you may want to explore the benefits of building your own custom dream home through an online house plan! 

 What are Online House Plans? 

In general, a House Plan defines all the construction specifications of a future residential house project. This includes; all the dimensions, the materials that will be used to build the house, the layouts, and all the installation methods and techniques.  

When you obtain your building plan online, you save time and money! 

No need to drive to multiple locations… our Online House Plans give you the benefits of working with an architect straight from the comfort of your current home! 


What makes Online House Plans Cost Effective? 

When you purchase a custom Online House Plan from us, you are avoiding all the hurdles & headaches that a pre-designed online house plan can give you.  

Pre-designed house plans meet very specific code requirements that vary from state-to-state and tend to change every 2-5 years. When you purchase a pre-designed house plan, you could end up buying an old house plan that doesn’t meet the latest requirements. This means spending more money just to meet the latest codes laws! 

Having an up-to-date, custom built, online house plan saves you hassle, time and money and allows you to immediately get building! 


 Guaranteed Professional Online House Plans  

 When you get a house plan from us, we guarantee: 

  • The Architect will sign & seal all the plans  
  • We include Engineering, Plumbing, Architectural & Electrical Plans 
  • We don’t use the same old pre-designed templates other websites recycle 
  • All our plans are up-to-date with the current codes from your state and district 



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  • Rex Wilkins

    Dear Friends,
    My name is Rex Wilkins. I live in Spring Hill, Florida and am exploring the idea of building a 12′ x 36′ multi use building which I’d like to utilize for Small Homes, Office at Pet Cemetery and other misc properties I could buy. I want to own the design to re-use as many times as I’d like, although I am aware maybe each site will probably need engineer stamp for permitting at additional charge later.
    Is this possible with me paying the $1500 fee?
    The plan I am interested in is similar to a Canadian Made Modular, ( http://sustain.ca/models-pricing/solo-24/?pid=123 ) although it would need to exceed the Florida Hurricane Codes. Feel free to email me.

    Kindest Regards

    Rex Wilkins

    • idprojection

      Hi Rex,

      We offer custom one of a kind house plan designs that are complete and ready to submit for building code approval! To better answer your specific need, please feel free to give us a call anytime during business hours, Monday-Friday 9a-5p.

      Thank you!